Misted Double-Glazing

Double glazing can develop a misted appearance when double glazed units fail, also known as a 'blown unit' or 'failed unit'.

Holes in the seal around the double glazed unit is a common cause of misted double glazing. These holes only need to be very small to draw moisture from the atmosphere and get inside between the two panes, which then causes what looks like condensation inside the unit. Once inside the unit's cavity, changes in temperature can cause the moisture to condense. As more moisture is drawn in, with nowhere to go, units can end up holding considerable amounts of water.

Causes of misted double-glazing

Poor manufacture

Failure to seal a double glazed unit properly during manufacture will make it highly likely to fail within the first 12 months from installation.

Poor installation

Units should be sat on bridged glazing blocks to keep them elevated from draining water and provide water with a route to run away. The build up of trapped water could in time penetrate the unit, thus halving it’s usable life expectancy. Additionally, poorly fitted exterior seals can allow water to collect and become trapped. Even the seal on a well manufactured unit is prone to failure when immersed in water over time, particularly if the water contains washing-up liquid, solvents or oil-based products.

Poor specification

The frames of a uPVC Conservatory should be fully reinforced to ensure that the structure is rigid, even during times of high winds. Failure to reinforce could allow excessive flexing of the frame and result in the twisting or sheering of a unit that could cause it to fail.

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