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The design of a modern conservatory roof is very complex, with much engineering hidden under the decorative PVCu cappings. The conservatory roof is not a totally sealed unit, as a close look at the component parts would illustrate.

Movement of air through a conservatory roof is desirable and roof components are designed with ventilation features, which allows air to circulate. It's also not unusual for roofs to accept some rainwater and for them to route rainwater safely through channels in the aluminium extrusions.

'Handyman' approach - costly and ineffective

The average handyman answer to conservatory leaks is a generous application of silicone sealant at the point where water is visible. Needless to say, as water does not always appear at the source of the problem, this often fails to solve the issue. It can even make the situation worse as the drainage and ventilation channels may become blocked. Whatismore, failure to use the correct neutral cure sealant may result in staining to roof material and reducing the effectiveness of solar controol glass and polycarbonate.

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'Truly' approach - refreshingly professional

We have over 20 years experience installing, maintaining and repairing conservatories. Over this time we have developed a thorough undertanding of roof systems and are aware of their individual idiosyncrasies.

Quick and safe diagnosis

Our experience and product knowledge means we're aware of common problems associated with each roof and equiped with the know how to investigate problems, such as leaking roofs, quickly and safely.

We don't stand on the lawn and pluck a figure from the air. We get up close and personal with your roof and do so using specialist access equipment, so the integrity of your roof is never compromised.

Effective long-term solutions

Locating the true source of a problem, means that we can propose a long-term solution with confidence. It means that you are not left following the work wondering how long the 'quick-fix' will last before the problem once more rears it's ugly face. It means that you are not putting your hand in your pocket every time the weather changes.

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